Sunshine and a Little Pink

 dress: Gap (hurry it's on sale!) // shoes: Forever Young Shoes // Bag: Kate Spade

Say hello to my new fashion blog! I've been dying to document my outfits because honestly, I can't remember how I style my own clothes half the time! Get ready to see all my favorite outfits, hairstyles, and super awesome shopping deals.

I found this dress on sale at Gap for $20. I literally couldn't not buy it! It is perfect for spring because it's light, flowy, and has POCKETS. Oh and these shoes? $4. Forever Young Shoes is having a huge sale right now and you need to check it out stat. Comfiest shoes ever. And as always, my Kate Spade bag. Everything looks better with Kate Spade!

Also, day three hair right here! Dry shampoo is my best friend.

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  1. YESSSSS!!!! This will be my LIFE!! Please post often 😍😍


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