(I'm super sorry for the vulgar hand signs)

Okay so KASKADE came in concert. Like, Kaskade, Kaskade. The LDS DJ dude who went to BYU, Kaskade. And he performed for free at one of the Provo Rooftop Concerts. Who does that??
When I found out about the concert, I knew I was going. And I think I must've sounded really excited because I managed to get my roommates to come and some guys in our ward as well. And, Alex came too! Who could pass up seeing someone like Kaskade for free?

Sadly, I don't think I warned them that it was going to pretty much be a rave when we were there, so they weren't really prepared for some hard core moshing or anything.

Alex and I got separated from the main BYU wardies group and ended up joining a squad of expert rave dudes. We talked to them for a little while before the concert started and found out that some of them were return missionaries and now they go to raves all the time. And, they told us about EDC, electric daisy carnival, which is a three-day rave-fest in Vegas. Eat-sleep-rave. Eat-sleep-rave. They kept saying over and over.

Pretty much, they made sure that we stuck around with them, and we got as close as 15 feet away from the stage. Which was sick. And also kind of dangerous because some people weren't really all there in the head (whether they were drunk or high, I couldn't tell) but some of them started dancing kind of violently and pushing people around and crowd surfing, which is all around kind of dangerous. The rave-dudes watched out for us and made sure that we were having a fun time and doing our first rave right.

Man, it was one heck of a crazy night. Again, like at the party at the U, I realized how glad I was that I had standards. But, it was also really really fun. I've never been so tired, dehydrated, and sweaty, or been so close to so many people at once, but what an experience! Lesson one: bring water, and lots of it. Lesson two: make sure you're not by any crazy dudes dancing, or else you'll wake up the next morning with bruises on your legs that you don't remember getting. Lesson three: wear something really comfortable (but modest), and always, always, go for the close toed shoes. Lesson four: feel the music and just do you. Lesson five: have the time of your life!

Oh my word, everything just seemed so surreal. Wow, college is crazy man.

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