Starting in the middle of junior year, a couple of kids in the ward would come over on Sunday nights and make cookies and we would take them to people as service and a way to spend time together on Sundays. We usually made a double batch of cookies and took it to 3 or 4 different people just for fun.
We've continued this activity on whatever Sundays we could all get together. I love doing this because we can all have fun together and we can also check up and talk to all the people we love in our ward. We always take some to the Jensens and see how they are doing because they are pretty much the ward grandparents. I love them to death!
We decided that the next time we make cookies we are going to share a spiritual message or our testimonies with them to keep them in the Sunday spirit.
I love how amazing the youth in the ward are. And I love the fact that we all make cookies together and give them to people. It kinda cracks me up actually.

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