{Portraits} The Friend Shoot!

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 I got the chance to take photos of these wonderful girls! I knew them from junior high and they are so beautiful! We were laughing and having a good time while taking these photos! If you want to see all 50 of them, visit my facebook page!


  1. Lovely! I love seeing all of your photoshoots :)

  2. Beautiful Pictures!! Love your blog - new follower xox

    Helena @ http://lifeinafewnutshells.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. Great shots!!! I love that last one. :D

  4. Pretty sure you are amazing!! I love these! They're super cute! :)

  5. This is adorable!! I am going to add your blog to the photography blog list at http://www.blogsbykids.net/ I hope it sends some kid bloggers your way!

  6. Wow, they're all so pretty! :) Great photos, Kiana, I love the last one!
    Tane xxx
    P.S. I have just found your blog and I am definitely going to follow! ♥


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