Why I Love Science Fairs

Science Fair. We've all had to do it at least one time in our lives, and remember it being stressful, pointless, and a huge assignment that didn't matter.

If you missed it, here are 5 reasons why I hate science fairs.

But there are also good things about science fairs. They may be few, but you gotta looka t the positive side of life!

Five 2 Reasons I Love Science Fairs

1. You get to learn something useful. When I did my science fair about essential oils, I learned a lot about which ones work the best against bacteria growth. I know that my mom loves knowing that information!

2. You can apply it in your life. Now, we know that we've all done the crap-shoot science fairs, that are pretty much useless. Volcanoes are pretty popular subjects. But if you actually spend time thinking about what you want to know, you can learn something new about something and apply it in your life!

If you missed it, my project was on essential oils. I wanted to see which doTERRA oil was the best for fighting bacteria. So I mixed the oils with bacteria food (agar) and spread the E. Coli on top of it, and saw which one had the least amount of bacteria growth! And On Guard won by far, with absolutely zero bacteria growth!

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