Monday was one of the best days ever.

Let me begin with right after school.

I loaded a bus with 20 other people to go to our boys basketball game. We all brought our instruments cause we are cool and get into the games for free if we do that. We drove all the way up to Ogden (an hour from the school) whilst we were talking and chatting and having a jolly good time.

We got to Weber state (or where ever it was) and got our instruments out. We went in the stands and saw that we had, like, no student section. At all. Our basketball team was pretty pitiful in this state, with no one to cheer for them, so we decided we would. We saved them with our cheering. It was the most peppy I've ever been for a game. And we are the reason that we won that night.

We were leading cheers like crazy, and finally in the fourth quarter we got in the lead. It was superb. We won the game! We quickly packed up our trumpets and a couple people and I went to the bathroom. We were speedy fast, and we ran outside (or semi-ran in my case...) and thought that the bus left us. Talk about scary!

But alas, we found the bus and ran on. Then, our vice principal got us pizza. Oh, and it's tradition that the trumpets sit in the back. So they were handing pizzas through the windows to us. I think we had a box of pizza for each seat. And for 11 people sitting in the back, we finished off 5 pizzas.

And then, it got really interesting. We were rocking to Earth Wind and Fire on the bus, content and full of pizza, and we see this strange truck with its front two tires popped and 30 cop cars following it. Everyone was standing up and shouting "Instagram! Instagram!" and taking pictures. After we saw them, we turned on the radio and heard, "There is a high speed chase that started in Lehi (we were in Farmington, 45 minutes away) with a truck on two wheels." And we all cheered cause we saw it.

And then, we listened to We are the Champions, and arrived at the high school.

My favorite day.


  1. Favorite part: that you listened to We Are the Champions afterwards.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! :)


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