I'm Walkin' on Sunshine

Yesterday was the day.

I started walking!!

My first thoughts when I woke up were that I was just going to go for it without crutches. I took about five steps before I changed my mind. I was falling all over the place! And I kinda wished that I had someone videotaping me taking my first steps (it sounds like I'm a baby), because I guarantee that it was hilarious.

Also, I designed a flyer in my marketing class. It was kind of a competition in a way, and we had to advertise the carnations that DECA was selling for Valentine's Day. And guess who won? This girl!! I got the most votes (10, by the way). I must say that mine was pretty spectacular in the time that we got :)

And finally, I had the chance to go to Bri's Valentine's Blogger Bash! I was super duper excited because I got to see my blogging idols. Kelsey from Stories of Kel, Bon from Life of Bon, Alycia from Crowley party, Rachel from Mr. JP and me, and many more! I got to talk, eat food, and play games with them! It was pretty much a party. These ladies are the nicest people you'll ever meet! And they didn't treat me any differently because I wasn't in college or married. Which was pretty nice.


  1. you are so sweet kiana! and so brave, for coming out on your crutches :)

  2. I'm so glad you had a great time with everyone!! You are such a sweet girl :)

  3. Awh oh my goodness you are so so sweet. It was a blast to see you!!


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