Girls Afternoon In

Saturdays usually consist of sleeping late, doing nothing all day, and then staying up late.
This Saturday wasn't going to be much different. I was bored, sitting in front of the TV, pulling down the zig-zag bar to refresh my twitter feed.
But then, I texted my friend. I think the message was "We should do something fun."
Original, I know. But what else should I've said?

I say it wasn't a typical Saturday afternoon. It was fun. We talked about everything. We made ourselves pretty. We sang along to the radio. We talked more.

We ended up having makeovers. We did makeup, hair, and eyebrows. I've never had my eyebrows plucked before (Eek!) and they were pretty out of control.. So my friend had the opportunity to play Miss Salon, and do them for me. I think they turned out pretty good for the first time!

I end up curling their hair, and we all had curls in our hairs. We were going to have a photoshoot, but it was getting late and it was snowing. Utah weather does that to you.

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  1. You are precious and I love tweezing my eyebrows and waxing. That was my fave part of beauty school!



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