Before I was here..

This blog has had many phases.

It's gone from Creative is my Middle Name, Kiana {Baking} Bates, and now, Kiana Bates.

But, believe it or not, I've had four other blogs.


And I just found them the other day.

I had forgotten the password linking to all the blogs, so I decided to start this little beauty. I am so glad that I did! I am finally sticking to it.

But from looking at those other blogs, and learning from other bloggers, I've realized a lot about blogging.

So here's a list of what not to do when starting a blog:

1. Do not have favorite movie quotes in giant, pink, sparkly letters on your sidebar. People's eyes go more toward that than your actual post. And you want people to look at your posts because that's what your blog is all about, right?

2. Do not condense everything into a little space half the size of your monitor. It makes things super hard to read, and pretty ridiculous for your readers. If its too small for even you to read yourself, why in the heck would your readers want to?

3. Don't just say that you feel like blogging in a post and nothing else. If you say you wanna blog, then by golly, blog already! Don't blog about wanting to blog! It is pretty ridiculous. I would rather hear about what you had for dinner than how you want to blog.

4. Actually post more than 3 times. On my panda blog, I had posted only 3 times. Talk about some commitment! I mean, honestly.

5. Make the posts meaningful to you. Like I said, I just found these, after forgetting about them for two years. I read through the posts and kept kicking myself for not really talking about something meaningful. Almost all the posts were dumb and about stupid things. And none of them were over a paragraph long.

6. Stay committed to your blog. I hadn't been on my blogs for 2 years because I had made another one and started new. I had my first just because I read on yahoo that people with blogs could make money. I had that one for a while, and the made the panda one. And then when I heard we were moving to utah, I made the Utah adventures one, where I should have just been talking about everything on my first blog.

I wanted to start over and kind of forget about my old blogs, so I made the one I have right now.
And I say I'm doing just fine.


  1. I love this. I had like a million kajillion blogs back in the day, too. I started to have a lot again, but I really keep only two of them up to date. One is a photography blog, the other is my normal blog. The other blogs are just blogs I made with friends. We never really use them. Haha. Anyway, I totally agree with all if this.


  2. I have been blogging since 2008 . But I chose blogger as a platform at 2009 . Then i changed three blogs , and none of their names I could ever remember . But now , since November 2012 , I'm at the blog where I'm ;) really love your tips , some of them I really want the people to follow!
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