we live to serve

We just recently had a ward Christmas party. We had people from around the neighborhood come and dine and watch the Christmas program. My friends and I were set as servers of the food. We gave out rice, pork, beans, and fruit salad. It was so much fun because we got to see people and talk to almost everyone! And I love talking to people.

After the party, we were walking home and stopped by my house. I went inside and came back out a million times and there were still people there. I even took a shower and they were still there. It was quite a long time before they left my driveway.

Maybe they are even still there now. Who knows?

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  1. Very fun to serve meals! Everyone is so happy getting food and being festive!
    Sorry it took so long to come visit you! ;-)
    Thank you for visiting my blog. ;-)
    Your newest follower,


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