we almost met santa

It was the night of the concert. The room was filled with the buzzing of anticipation from the crowd. The jazz band was adding a relaxed element to the auditorium. People filed in as they waited for the bands to start. We got on stage and began our piece. Thunderous applause followed each performance, and we sat down to watch the other bands. Sounds of merriment and good tidings were all around us as we took our seats. The shows by all the bands were excellent.

And then, the last song. We knew that there would be a 'special guest' if we wished hard, but that was just for the little kids. Sleigh Bells started and Santa came through the doors. Screams of joy filled the air as he took the stage.

We were planning on talking to him afterward, but the line was endless. We decided to take a picture pointing to Santa cause we are impatient people. So we did. And there you go.

I almost got to tell him that I want a new camera for Christmas. And I want my brother to skype home from his mission, but I didn't.

Being a mature 15 year old is so overrated. Can't I get excited over seeing Santa?

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