These are commercials from back in the day. That little girl with glasses? That was me, 4-5 years ago. Weird how things change, huh? Five years ago, we were living in North Carolina, enjoying the hot, humid weather. My dad was the anchor on the evening news, and life was pretty great. Us kids were in swim team and really enjoyed it. My brothers were in the marching band, and I was in grade school. We were enjoying being on commercials, having people recognize him in restaurants, and watching him when he was signing autographs at the Lexington BBQ festival.

He lost his job. And then was on the search for one for a year.

He found one in Utah, and we moved.

Now we are here, in the nice dry, cold, beautiful Utah. I love it here, and have been for two years.

I love that he was on the news. It was exciting to watch him every night on TV. But, having a normal job is better. I can actually see my dad on weekdays, rather than just weekends.

It was so great to see old videos of this.

I remember when they camera crew was at our house filming. They set up lights and had a whole bunch of cords strewn around our kitchen floor. We were pretty much instructed to act normal and make some lasagna. If you're watching closely, you might be able to catch my weird faces :) After we were done filming, we got to eat the lasagna. It was delicious!

In the second one, we popped the old videos of my dad on the air in the VCR and watched them. The old footage of him was hilarious. I was dying because I was laughing so hard. There were videos from college at BYU, and his first job in Idaho. I wish I could find all of the videos so we can laugh about them again.

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