sundays are for skyping.

It was a Sunday morning just like any other. We talked, we got dressed, we surfed the internet. And then, my mom was on skype. I immediately knew who it was by their voices. We had known them from back in North Carolina and we had grown closer than sardines in a can. Late nights were filled with hours of Time's Up, watching Little Women, and poking fun at each other. We played games with pool noodles, battled on Lego Rock Band, and ate baby food. Gilmore Girls became an inseparable part of our existence because of them, as did Monk and Psych. We ate loaded nachos, and I experienced my first hot pocket in their home. I slept over frequently, and we went window shopping together. Blasting music the car became regular, and we would see each other every week.

Since we moved we haven't kept as good in touch as we could, but we have talked. Facebook, texting, and skype are real friendship savers. In the first month that we were gone, we talked on numerous occasions. After that, we realized that life is busy. Our lives were filled with new callings, school, and extra curricular activities. But they were still in the back of our minds.

We got the opportunity to skype them yesterday. It was just like we hadn't moved two years ago. Our friendship hadn't changed. We could be heard talking about playing games, Gilmore Girls, and being racist. We chatted about who they should marry, summer vacation plans, and Christmas. They ate gingerbread cookies and showed us their guns and we looked on in envy. Our subjects changed to meeting up, getting a cabin, and spending a weekend together over the summer.

I realized that I have missed them a lot. Talking to them just filled a need in my soul. And I can't wait til they come out here.

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