adventure is out there

Sometimes when we are working on a project in class and have a sub, we look through trash for banana peels. Sometimes we get super grossed out when we pick up orange peels, but whatever. Sometimes we use hangers that were in the lost and found to dig up grass for our terrestrial ecosystem. Sometimes we drop decomposing compost on the ground and have to clean it up. Sometimes the band room has the best banana and orange peels. Sometimes we get really weird looks for peeking in every trash can in the school. Sometimes the fish that we bought have babies. Sometimes we have no idea what is going on. Sometimes we get super excited for finding a half eaten apple in the trash. Sometimes we fill up a whole 2 liter bottle with peels that we found.

And that was just during one class.

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  1. hahhaa your class seems awesome :)
    i'm lds too! <3


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