when i was at maceys and got a little freaked out.

You see this girl? She looks exactly like my 'big sister' from North Carolina. But you see, she isn't. And I thought she was when I was shopping. We were just there looking at the red cream soda, and then I saw her. I looked over, and there she was with my 8th grade history teacher. And that was weird as well, because I haven't seen her since, well, 8th grade. And so there she was, standing there, shopping at Maceys.

I wanted to take a picture because I'm weird like that. And so I started talking to her mom, the teacher that I knew, and then it went into, "Oh, you look exactly like a girl from North Carolina..." And then I got a picture. It was pretty grand, I must say. And then they were looking at us weird til we left. But at least I won't ever see them again, so it's all good. :)


  1. ha ha! is that mrs. Harris' daughter? thats funny. (:

  2. I absolutely ADORE those hot pink shoes. And your blog! And I love the story behind this picture hahaha. That cracks me up! :)


  3. Hey Kiana! Thanks you so much for your sweet words on my blog today! (Thesepiapuppy.blogspot.com) It means so much to me! I've also sdtarted following you back! :)

    <3 B


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