What will I do?

Today we went to school with medals around our necks.
Like every other day, we all were in the band room before school started.
It still felt normal, we still felt like we were a family.
It still hasn't hit me exactly. We won't have another practice as the same band.

Throughout the school day people told us congrats, good job, and nice.
It made me feel good, but I just wanted to go back to the band room.
I just wanted it to keep going.
Even when people cheered, I just wanted to be by band people, and that's all.
It's kind of indescribable.

After school, the mayor and his wife came and talked to us.
I'm so glad that he supports us. It really helps.
I love them. I love band. I love my 2nd family.

But now what will I do?

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