that time when we were on the news.

It was Wednesday. I left early morning seminary early to get ready for the performance. It turned out I could have stayed because we just waited to get on. We all felt together again, like band hasn't ended yet. Each person put together their instruments and waited to go into the gym. We stood in the bleachers waiting for it to begin. It was a constant stop, go, stop, go. It was dumb, but it was a time waster. We missed half of first period and it was just fine.

We got to get off our butts and do something, and got into an arc to play the show. We played the main impacts, and it was amazing. It felt good to play it again, but I had already felt closure with the last performance. I wanted the chapter to be over, and to truly never play it again. But it was a good memory and fun to play.

We were on the news. They played a snippet of us on the Cool School of the Week segment. I felt special, but then again, our whole student body doesn't like us. But whatever. I guess it's okay when the news comes and does a story.

We put our instruments away. There was no need for any special words or hyping afterward, so we went on with our lives. I guess that's how life is. You do something great for a while, and then it's over. But then, you move on into something new, and perhaps even better. And even after you it's said and done, the memories will stay there in your mind forever.

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