My brother just happens to be famous. Or his friend.

That's right. He is all over the news.
Just kidding. Just this article with him and his friend. And he is in the picture.
Which is pretty amazing.
Considering I was in that show that his friend recorded. On his head. With a Go Pro.
But, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, just check it out.
And Adam's channel on youtube. Funny funny stuff, I'm telling you.

Anyway, pretty grand. They are cool. And they are famous, to me anyway.

But tonight we had a 'band bash' in which we had bands from the high school and junior high play and then the marching band performed. It was kind of boring, til the marching band stuff. The sound filled the gym and it was so dang loud and amazing.

We took our friend home, and caught his dad while we were on his street. He was on his way to pick him up, but we stopped and chatted, and he realized that he was already there in our car. So there we were in the middle of the road, talking it up. We said bye, and went a couple more yards and saw a car was driving backwards. The headlights were toward us, and it was really weird. So we inched forward and they stopped next to us. We had no idea who they were! They had no idea who we were! We were just talking, and it was super awkward. I think the conversation consisted of this:



"How's it going?"

"Pretty good"


"Well, we are actually waiting for someone here..."

"Oh, okay. We were super confused"

"Yeah, we were too..."

"Well, you were just driving backwards, but whatever."

"Yeah, okay. Bye."

*hysterical laughter as we drive off.*

And took the kid home.

It made us laugh. Way way hard.


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