Do you ever wish on a star?

Tonight was the perfect night to stare at the stars.

When I look at those beautiful burning balls of gas, I think about memories.
I think about when we layed on the field after marching our last show and stared at the stars.
I remember star gazing with my dad while laying in the grass in the mountains.
I remember listening to the scriptures and watching the stars.

Those stars hold wonderful memories.

So, right now, go outside and lay on the grass and stare at the stars.


  1. ummm YES! I love stars. they are pretty much the best thing ever :) and I definitely hope your last show went well!! :)

  2. This is so cool! Just came across your blog and I love it. What fun memories!

  3. Thinking about star gazing reminds me of one of my favourite movies Say Anything! Just thinking about star gazing brings up memories!

  4. cute reminder.. love this follower! :) xo

  5. Hi Kiana! Thanks for stopping by! I love starry night, especially when the moon is super big and bright!

    new follower :)

  6. Hi Kiana, Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your Blog is absolutely adorable! New Bloglovin follower.

  7. awww I LOVE that photo ! yes I love looking at the star, when I go out of town to somewhere with lets lights and pollution, my oh my the stars are so bright, I could stare at them for hours. I used to when I was younger :-)

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