Depression. Extreme Sadness. Longing for something you can't have

Closed, ended, over.
It's not today but it feels like it is.
Because on Sunday it's over.
And because its just like any other vacation: it always comes to a close. You have to revisit reality sometime. I would rather visit it later, or rather never. Everyone wants to stay on their Caribbean cruise, sipping lemonade while talking about the beautiful weather. No one wants to accept the realities of life. No one wants the dream to be over.
But I have to face the inevitable. This year is coming to a close. Our last shows will be performed this weekend and then we will never have the same team ever again. That hits home. All the seniors? They will be gone. Figuratively of course, but it seems more literal as we speak. We will still see them at school, in the hallways, or at Maceys, but it won't be the same.
You see, these people have sweated with us. They have marched along side us for six months. They have taken us under their wing and helped us see our true potential. And I won't ever forget it. But, they have lives to live, different stories to tell. Thy have to move on, as do we.
It will be a slow process, waiting for the new season to start and realizing that your senior friends won't be there. It will be a struggle, a tear jerking journey, because I've never felt so
close to a group of people before.
As we get on that bus today, we know that it will be our last push as a team. It will be our last stand. And when we come home, tears will be pouring down our cheeks as we hug our friends.

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