Blink Detected

A strange thing happened to me during PE. I was taking the above picture with my friend, I heard it beep, and saw 'Blink Detected' on the screen. Obviously I did not blink, and she neither did she. But I guess my eyes are so Asian that they look like they blinked. How racist is that?

But then I look at the pictures below, and think, maybe they're right. Maybe my eyes just squint uncontrollably and it looks like I'm blinking. Who knows? Or maybe they just don't like Asian people.


  1. Great photos Kiana!! I love Asian people!! :) They always seem so friendly :) just like you!

  2. haha, great pics!! thanks for the follow! I am following you now via blog lovin!

  3. Ahhh you're in marching band!!!! I was, too! :) And girl, your eyes are beautiful- don't let your silly phone tell you otherwise!! ;)


  4. how funny! I've totally had that happen to me before too, but I'm not Asian, so I don't know what its deal was! haha.


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