and then it was the last

We left second period early and got into our uniforms. Our socks stunk up the bus from lack of washing. We took pictures, sang songs, and were just ourselves while we journeyed there. We helped with people's hair and got ready to perform. There was a feel of familiarity among us band of brothers. We joked, we laughed, we practiced, and then we waited. Our butts became numb as we sat listening to the speakers.

And then it was our cue. I tried soaking up the moment as we played the National Anthem, but I wasn't feeling it. We sat down again, listening to the talks between our next song. And then again we stood, and played the songs for the veterans. Tears slid down my cheeks unnoticed, like the flood gates just opened. Maybe it was in respect for our troops, or maybe it was because it was the last time in uniform with these people around me. I don't know.

We sat down again and I wiped the tears away. The rest of the meeting was a blur. The bus ride home was the usual rough housing and horsing around. We took our uniforms off and I was done. It was over forreals and I was okay. I ate a slice of pizza, and went back to class, no turning back.


We turned in our uniforms last week. Seeing them hang on the racks made the band room feel like home again. But today, the mom's started putting them away, carefully checking each part with exactness. Maybe that's why I'm thinking about it. Seeing the hat boxes stacked one on top of another, and the empty hangers pulls at my heart. And then they were all put away, the racks again empty in the band room, along with our hearts.


  1. I miss being in marching band...I never thought I would say that, though. I wasn't really a huge fan of it in high school.

    <3 Melissa

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  3. Hi Kiana!!
    Amazing pics!
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    Kisses pretty!


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