a 45 minute conversation about tacos. and the meaning of life.

I think I might have just had the funniest conversation to ever be recorded in the history of Facebook Chat. I mean, it's not every day that you are asked about tacos, and they are likened unto the meaning of life and why we are living. And it's not every day that you get almost close to being in the school newspaper.

If you don't want to read the super long conversation (45 minutes) that we had on this subject, here's the gist of it: He wanted to know if I had tried dorito loco tacos from Taco Bell. And I replied with a hearty, no. To which he said, that I had no life, and I hadn't started living yet. So I understood that in order to know the meaning of life and such, I needed to have one of these incredible tacos.

So if you wanna read the whole conversation, here you go. Have fun.
And maybe you will try one of these tacos and tell me if it's good, cause I'm dying to know for myself.

Him: Kiana. Random question. Have you read the great gatsby in english yet?

Me: Nope, I have not. Why do you ask?

Him: Haha I'm writing an article about it for the school paper..but if you haven't...then nevermind! Enjoy it when you read it though, one of my favorite books haha!

Me: Haha alright! Well, sorry I haven't read it yet! I bet Peter has though...haha. Well I'll look forward to it then!

Him: Another random question...have you ever had a doritos locos taco from taco bell? I'm writing and article on those too

Me: Haha. Nope. Gosh, you're just striking out with me, huh? And I have to say, that's just about the funniest question I've been asked this whole week.

Him: Haha well. I guess you will NOT appear in the forkaster this time around(: And I thought they were amazing, so I decided to write an article on them!

Me: Bummer! I always wanted to be famous. Oh well. And I wish I was on there so I could write about things that I like to eat! haha. Well I hope you find someone who eats doritos locos tacos. haha

Him: Haha I've found a couple... and you should write for it next year(;

Me: Possibly. it sounds fun :) And I'm glad people eat the dorito tacos. They sound pretty delicious. Maybe I should get one tomorrow.

Him: You definitely should haha.

Me: Haha. Maybe after school me and Pete will grab one :) Now I know about them! And will read about how great they are in the Forkaster, so how could I not?!

Him: Yeah, basically! THe article should be there like tomorrow evening..probably tomorrow afterschool. ON the website haha. I am honestly obsessed with them...

Me: Alright. Here's the plan. After school, I make Peter read the article. He pretty much falls in love with them, and has to try one, and I get one too! Perfect plan. All because of you. :)

Him: I do think that sounds very good for you. AND you help the business of the doritos locos tacos prosper so that EVERYONE can have one for the rest of their lives.

Me: Yes, yes. And then it will be a hit. And everyone will be talking about them, if they aren't already. And there will be doritos locos tacos parties, clubs, and such. What a perfect world.

Him: Haha you're definitely not the only one who hasn't had them though. like NOBODY has had them haha.

Me: Well, then it's a good thing that you chose this subject to write on. People need to be aware of this. haha.

Him: Haha exactly!!

Me: I just googled them on, well, google. And they look super delish. I mean, who doesn't want to eat a taco with a dorito shell? It's official. I'm getting me a taco.

Him: Yeah,I thougth they looked dece. Then I had one and it was just like "my life has meaning now!!!"

Me: I love how you shortened decent. That's totes awesome :) Apparently, my life is nothing until I have one of them tacos. My life depends on it now.

Him: Haha why type out decent when I can just say dece? And yup, you have no life at this point...

Me: Darn. I thought I was doing pretty swell. I guess tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life then.

Him: Yup. Now meaning has reentered your life.

Me: Haha. Well, now that I know what the meaning of life is I better get on that!

Him: Yeah. You're lucky though. Many people have to hike to the top ofthe himilayas to find the meaning of life. You just have to go to tacobell..

Me: That's pretty convenient. And when I'm bearing my testimony, I'll credit it all to the taco of all tacos.

Him: Indeed you will.
And then you will get excommunicated.
But you won't care.

Me: Haha. Maybe I shouldn't eat the taco, so I don't get excommunicated. Cause that would be bad news.

Him: ...or just don't liken your testimony to a taco haha.

Me: haha. or that too. Probably that one cause now I really want to try it.


Me: Haha. Well, I better contemplate the meaning of life and such, because I have just seen the light. So I better go. Thanks for bringing me the truth :)

Him: Haha your so welcome. See ya around Kiana!

And now, I know that they must be quite delicious to make such an impact on his life.
And I'm hungry.

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