I'm going there someday.

This week has been so long. With the last week of the term, all the teachers decide to assign projects and reports and all things that are time consuming. After talking about obesity, taking multiple tests, and just being overall stressed out this whole week, after school today was good.

We went to the temple. It was amazing to just feel the weight come off of my shoulders as I was sitting inside. It was amazing to just know that the term is over, and that I was at the temple, and that I have a competition tomorrow, and that next week is St. George, and I have really awesome friends. And yes, all of that was going through my mind.

I am most grateful. For everything; the temple, my beautiful friends, marching band, the end of the term, Fridays, competitions, pictures, tripods, snow, fall, Halloween, super hard vibe parts.

And just for kicks and giggles...


  1. I'm so happy that you're making the Temple a regular visit.

  2. Ummm... I LOVE your blog!!! Holy Cuteness!!!

  3. Ahh, you girls are wearing the cutest clothes ever! And I want those boots...BOTH pairs!

  4. I love your pictures and the utter joy you captured. Great job!

  5. Beautiful girls having fun! Great emotions captured ♥ Wonderful photography!

  6. So many happy smiles in these images.



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