This is it.

BYU. The competition everyone was waiting for. It's the one that we aspire to, the one that everyone wants to do good at. It will be the highlight of the year, the main video on the DVD. You want to do your best. You want your show to be perfect.
We dressed up at school on Tuesday. Everyone looked so nice. School ended, and we came back an hour later, dressed for success. In our t-shirts and shorts, we were prepared. We were ready, pumped, hyped. We ran the show a couple times, and then loaded the buses. We were ready. You could feel the excitement as we got off the buses and sat in the stands at BYU. It was great watching other bands have fun doing what they loved. They are just like us.
We headed back over to the semi, and we got dressed. Everyone was silent as we pulled our uniforms on. Each part, the pants, the tunic, the hat, and finally the gloves. We went over to the music warm ups, and everything felt rushed. Things were behind schedule, so we had less time than we thought. But we did good, we sounded pretty good. The brass and woodwinds split up because we warm up differently. Afterward, the brass light the fire. We scream so loud, like we are just letting go of everything, and getting ready to just put our hearts and souls onto the field. The woodwinds and drumline came and joined us for full music rehearsal. The flutes had tears in their eyes. Everyone was emotional. We had an item of business, and were on our way to the gate.
We got to the gate and were standing there for 15 minutes. The excitement was so high. I'm pretty sure I was close to hyperventilating. You can see all the bright lights shining on you as you stand there. The stands were full. Everyone was crying, everyone was realizing how important this show was for the seniors, and for themselves.
And finally, it was our time. We crowded into the small gate, and hyped. It echoed throughout the small tunnel we were in. And then, we were off. We started marching on, and everything melted away. It was right then. We were living in the now.
And then, it was over. It was done. I remember at the end of it, I thought, wow, that was fast. We are only on the field for 15 minutes. And yet, it feels like barely a second.
We exited the field with dignity, our eyes with pride. I knew that I did my best. It was a great show. We went up to the stands, and watched another band and BYU's marching band.
Then, awards. We were standing at attention. All of our focus was on the field below. They called the caption awards. And then, 3rd place, Skyview. 2nd place, Davis. 1st place, American Fork.
You have to understand something. When we are at attention, we can't say anything. We have to stand there, no matter what the outcome is. I had to bite my lip to stop a smile from escaping my lips. We were waiting to be released from standing there. The drum majors came over, and they clapped their hands and we said hype. Then we hear FALLOUT. Everyone screamed. Everyone was excited. We were all smiling and happy. The energy was flowing through every person there.
We went back to the semi and played the encore, where we play our show music while not moving. Lots of parents were there listening and cheering for us in the parking lot. After that, we had a chat with our director, and got out of our uniforms.
The bus ride home was fun, even though everyone was tired. It went by so fast. We saw the school and sang the school song with conviction and pride.
Then everyone crowds into the band room, and with our arms around each other in a big circle, we sing the friend song. It may even be the best part, aside from performing. Maybe you have to be there to understand why it's so special. But, after we sing, everyone hugs each other. Because we are a family. A band family.

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