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It was our show. We hosted it. Our parents, family, and friends were the majority of the audience there. We all had mixed emotions. For the seniors, this would be the last time putting on the uniform in the band room. The last competition before St. George. The last time taking off their uniform in the band room. The last time having a chat in the band room.

We had a dry run and got into our uniforms. Everyone was excited. I mean, this is our show. We had a chat. We got hyped up, and we loaded the buses. We got there while listening to the show. Everyone was running through it in their minds; the visuals, the placements, the fingerings. Eyes closed, and with pure attention to the music, the show.

We warmed up with some marching and music. Then the sections got together and had their own cheers. Each cheer could be heard with conviction and pride. We headed on over to the field, and we were ready to go. Davis' show was playing in the background as we were lining up.

The show was amazing. From start to finish, it was awesome. Everyone felt good. And we exited the field.

We were standing in retreat as my dad's voice announced the scores. After each caption you could hear a renounced American Fork! resulting in thunderous applause. As the division awards were announced, there was silence. 3rd place, 2nd place, and finally 1st place, American Fork! With a score of 959.67, the highest score anyone in the band has ever received.

We stood there, waiting to be released to show are excitement. Biting our lips and holding containing our emotions, we waited in silence for the drum majors to come back from the field. We heard Fallout! and there was an eruption of screams, shouts, and whoops of joy. As we were hugging and exclaiming our excitement, we heard, and the American Fork marching band will perform an encore show shortly.

We set up our show and ran through it again. I'm pretty sure everyone was too excited to be super focused on trying to make the show look good, but I thought I did pretty good even though I was smiling the whole time. And after we flooded Mr. Miller on the 50 as we had a chat. It was amazing.

We got back to the school and changed out of our uniforms. After that, we sang the friend song. Just knowing that this is the last time before st. george that we would be singing the friend song made my heart heavy.

With st. george coming, I have a mix of emotions. I love st. george so much, but with it coming, I know that the season is over. I know that we will never play the show ever again. I know that I will never be in the same band as the seniors ever again. I know that this band will never be the same ever again. And that makes me depressed.


 Retreat. Waiting to see the awards.
 The encore show.

Oh, the bus ride home is pretty great. Including singing the national anthem.

And...we got hot chocolate :)

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