What Happens On The Band Bus.... May end up on the Internet

When you spend all summer and many late nights with people, you tend to get to know them pretty well.
Which is so true.
My section, the trumpets, are all pretty dang comfortable with each other. We have endured pain and sweat and thirst and who knows what else, and are still friends. Like band camp. Four days sweating our tired hearts out on a dead field in the middle of nowhere. If that's not called dedication, I don't know what is.
Anyway, the point is that we are comfortable around each other.
So many weird things happen that I can't even remember them all.
And on to my bus story.
We were heading up to our first competition in Logan on Saturday. It was a two and a half hour bus ride up there, so we got pretty bored. You see, we started trying to find ways to entertain ourselves and not disrupt the bus driver, which is a very hard task.
We had brought lunches to eat on the way up, and so everyone was sharing food and snacks. One of the girls had brought mike and ikes, and so we decided to stick them up our noses. Now, it sounds childish, and foolish, an flat out dumb, but what else can you do? So, while they were securely lodged in our noses, we decided to take a picture. And we found that if you laugh really hard they come shooting out of your nose like fireworks. Just sayin'
After we were done sticking various colors of Mike and Ikes up our noses, we remembered the Oreo game. My mom had graciously packed me some fake Oreo style cookies for my lunch, and I wasn't hungry enough to eat them. So we decided to play the game. On the bus. There we were, in the back of the bus, with oreos on our foreheads trying to get them into our mouths. Cani just say that you make the weirdest faces when trying to do that? Well, you do.
We finally arrived and you can hear more about the competition here.
On the way home, everyone was pretty jazzed that we had won. Our hard work had payed off. Someone in our section decided to bring a 20 can case of mountain dew to share with everyone, so pretty much everyone but me was hyped up on caffeine. Caffeine make you do weird things. Like, sing girls camp songs as a bus, and shout, and scream for no reason. We sang and sang and sang and sang. Thankfully everyone quieted down (somewhat) for the last hour before we got back. Maybe I could have gotten sleep, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

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