This Week Part 3

(If you missed the first two parts go here and here)

The best day of the week.
A whole day to fun and friends.

First off, sectionals were cancelled. So that meant no 7 am practice on a Saturday!
Next, I woke up after sleeping in and ate some awesome pancakes. With amazing homemade syrup. I haven't had some of that syrup in at least two years!

I headed on over to my Young Women leader's house for the Book of Mormon finishing party. There was an amazing spread of food for brunch! There was a mountain man breakfast, and orange rolls, and fruit! It was delicious. After we ate and were full, we hopped in cars and drove on over to a fencing studio.

A sister in my ward fences! Like, on guard, with the suits and such. The surprise was that we got to put on the suits, and learn how to fence. It was so much fun! We learned how to lunge, and then we paired off and were trying to stab our partners with our sabres. We rotated, so we wouldn't try to keep killing the same person over and over again.

Once we got the hang of that, we played a game, which was pretty much a war. It was people wearing jeans against people not wearing jeans. If you got hit in the arm, then you had to put it behind your back. If you lost both arms, then you would have to try to hold your sabre somewhere else to try to kill people. If you got a leg chopped off, then you had to hop, and if you had both chopped off, you had to get on your knees. If you were stabbed in the chest, you were dead. It was such a fun game!
After we were done fencing (It gets pretty hot in there!) we learned how by reading the Book of Mormon you're putting on your armor of God. And if you were fencing without the protective suit on, then you would get really banged up. It was so much fun!

We are fierce.

After that, we were all pretty tired! I came home and got in the shower, and my friend came over to start setting our party up. It was an Anti-Homecoming party, for people who weren't old enough to go to homecoming or just didn't want to go.

We put up Christmas lights around my porch, so there was some light, and got the projector and stereo ready. We made signs, and I got to curl her hair!
We started the party at 8:30, and about 40 people came. We played music for about an hour, and then we watched how to train your dragon on a sheet hanging from my porch. It was so fun to have so many band people just spending time together.
We had some of our friends who were going to Homecoming come and crash it, and we got pictures to prove it!

I think we all had a good time! It was a little cold, but lots of people brought snacks, and they were mostly quiet during the movie :)
Afterwards, everyone was talking until their parents picked them up. I love parties!

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