This Week Part 2

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On to Friday!

School was awesome.
I am in seminary, or a scripture study kind of class at school, and it was absolutely amazing. We had an 'assembly' where we pretty much shared testimonies in a testimony meeting kind of setting. It was so great to see people who I never would have thought to be so strong in the gospel to get up and bear their testimony. It was a great way to start my day, even if it is at 6:00 am.
After seminary, I have 30 minutes to chill before first period. I usually go to the band room to talk to all my band friends, and started handing out invitations for a party me and my friend were having on Saturday. The bell rang to go to our first class, and so I headed on over to PE, where I got 43 sit ups in a minute, and 30 push ups. I wasn't even tired, but a day after I was pretty dang sore.
After all my classes were over, Peter and I jumped in the car and went to Target to buy some playing cards. I felt like it was a spur of the moment kind of thing and it was fun to spend time with my brother! After that, we went to McDonalds and bought strawberry lemonades with spare change left in the car. It was quite delicious, and pretty cheap!
I got home, and my friend from North Carolina was waiting for me. I hadn't seen her in so so long! She slept over the night before, and was waiting for me all day while I was at school. We proceeded to have a photoshoot, because that is what you do when you haven't seen people in a while!

 I look way Asian in this picture.
She's gorgeous.

After we took pictures, we ate and got ready to go to the Homecoming football game where I had to play pep band and perform during half time. Our football team beat them pretty bad, 47-0 or something like that.
We played all the pep band songs for the first quarter, and then left to go change into our uniforms. We have something called 'Quiet Time' where we are silent as we are getting changed and from thereon til the show starts so we can focus. My brother, who is Brass Captain, does this thing called light the fire. He says 'brass light the fire!' and all the brass screams so loud. It is a stress reliever type thing, and something to hype us up. After that we line up, and each section has it's own hype kind of things that they do. It is pretty special.
We stood on the track waiting until half time so we could start playing. It was fun! The first show in uniform is always kind of scary, and the fact that it was in front of pretty much everyone in the school, but it doesn't matter. It's fun.
We managed to get back for the 4th quarter and play pep band and the school song.

I got home after the game at 10:30-11ish. I had to finish the Book of Mormon for the challenge that we were having for our YW's, and so I was 25 chapters away. I had to finish by 10 the next morning, but I finished it at 11:45 that night. It was amazing!
The last segment of my week is coming soon!

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