Super Heroes

For my digital photography class I had to take pictures with the prompt of super heroes. It could either be serious, or fun.
Here are my pictures!

This is my friend, who you met here. I told her to do a serious face, and then she started laughing. I thought it was super cute, so I turned this one in instead!

This is my pops. My daddio. My daddy. He's pretty much the coolest dad ever. I told him to be himself, and he did this..

This is Kent, my brother who's on a mission. I took his cardboard cutout, and put a cape on him to make it look like he was a superhero. I really liked how this one turned out!

This is Peter, my other brother. After our family show Tuesday night, his head was steaming! So I snapped a picture. It's like his secret super power :)

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  1. KIANA I LOOOOOOVE THIS! HAHAHA <3 super cute! :)


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