Well, summer's pretty much over. And it makes me so sad, but I guess I have to look forward for new friends and a new school.


Here is a tribute to summer 2012

So, goodbye summer. You were good to me.


You gave me time to golf and have fun with my friends. But you also managed to teach the importance of responsibility through the early morning band practices that we had.

Thanks for ice cream trucks and our Mustache band. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make money while working in the basement. The one hundred dollars was greatly appreciated.

Thanks for Macey's icecream and sunsets.Thanks for the sun tan that I got, and the two visits to the pool that were great.

Thanks for the Grand Canyon, and getting elbowed in the eye.

Thanks for glow sticks and best friends. Thanks for cool summer nights spent trash bagging, movie watching, and hide and seek in the dark playing.

Thanks for doing hair. Thanks for all the water fights and hobby lobby runs with the girls.

Thanks for all the cookies made and dances attended, and all the friends I've managed to keep in touch with.

Thanks for the friends who we saw from Arkansas. Thanks for all the days I stayed up and slept in, and the days I stayed up and woke up at 6. Both were great in their own way.

Thanks for lunch with the gals. Super fun even though we felt like crap.Thanks for all the summer seminary meetings. Thanks for the Halo playing and Rock Band jamming with the band.

Thanks for frozen yogurt, Spiderman, and country dancing with amazing people.

Thanks for all the friends who visited from NC that we got to spend time with. Thanks for family reunions and books on tape.

Thanks for double rainbows, and wishing on 11:11.

Thanks for smoothies from gas stations, and sleeping in the car.

Thanks for planking and perching. Thanks for Costa Vida, free cookies, and yogurt samples. Thanks for being able to walk everywhere.

Thanks for glitter toes and Carly Rae Jepson. Thanks for skid marks in the driving range and talks with Peter.

Thanks for the mountain with my initial on it and gas stations.

Thanks for pool parties and our band.

Thanks for photoshoots and umbrellas.

Thanks for curling hair parties, trumpet girls, and model poses. Thanks for driving, mission farewells, and baby blessings.

Thanks for cardboard cutouts, Telestrations, and late nights playing games.

Thanks for carnivals, strawberries&cream, and parades. Thanks for rodeos, cousins, and cookbooks. Thanks for shopping, shoes, and rain clouds. Thanks for books, English packets, and photographs.

Thanks for water breaks, and rolled up sleeves.Thanks for contacts, Gilmore Girls, and pink Ghandi glasses. Thanks for mutual, 5k's, and volunteering at the golf course.

Thanks for Instagram, 'sisters', and the music from Mission Impossible.

Thanks for band practice, church meetings, and Asian food. Thanks for cool mornings, fireworks, and dci.

Thanks for stadium of fire, showers, and Scotty McCreery.

Thanks for youth conference and Ed camp without Ed. Thanks for birthdays, celebrations, and parties. Thanks for grandparents, my trumpet, and braces.

Thanks for Plato's Closet, Vans, and Rainbows. Thanks for meetings, midis, and

Thanks for glow stick people, and the iron rod.

Thanks for orange vests, girl's camp, and One Direction.

Thanks for Taps, curly hair, and funny faces.

And most of all, thanks for the memories you've given me to cherish forever.

Goodbye summer 2012.

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