Suit Shoot, New Traditions

Yesterday was the first Saturday after school started.
And I had a marching band sectional at 7 am. Which means in the morning.
I was not a happy camper, but I went. And I was tired, and I was cranky.
But I was there.

Anyway, afterward, I went to DI to drop some junk off, and I found an awesome plate for a cake stand! So I will be making that soon :)

I had been on Pinterest a lot, and wanted to try and figure out how to work our DSLR camera that we have. Since I'm taking a digital photography class in school, I want to be super pro so I can show everyone that I'm smart.

So I came up with the idea to have a photoshoot with my friends! Remember this post? Well I wanted to do that, but with better photos. I texted my friends, and we were originally planning to have a water photoshoot, but it didn't happen. We were all in our swimmin' suits, and we were just taking random photos. Which was pretty great, by the way.

My family had a lot of buckets that were just sitting in our backyard, so we decided to build a tower and take pictures in front of it. I think they turned out pretty cute!

After that, we wanted to have a car wash, since it was hot and we were already in our swimming suits. So we tried to get people to let us wash their cars, but we ended up only washing my parents'.

Everyone went home and got changed into PJ's, so we could watch a movie and get a pizza. We wanted to get a pizza delivered and pull a prank on the delivery guy, so we combined our money and called Papa John's. Right when we were getting ready for the prank, the guy came. Which was super dumb, by the way.

So we shared a pepporoni pizza with pineapple on the floor of my living room while watching Charlie St. Cloud. It was a really good movie!

We decided to make it a tradition: to watch a chick flick on the Saturday after school started, and order a pizza from Papa Johns.

(Can you tell we are super tired?)


  1. Oh my gosh! that 2nd picture? probably one of my favorites pictures ever in life. So CUTE!

  2. The bucket idea’s really neat. ;) Me likie it. And the background of your blog? So cool.

  3. The first picture is amazing! I love how much action it catches and how much emotion it shows. Super cute and really awesome!! :D


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