I Hike

For mutual on Tuesday we went on a hike. We were originally going to go to the G, and I was super pumped since I've never been there before, but we went to a waterfall instead.
Don't get me wrong...Waterfalls are cool. I just wanted to go to the G. Cause that's what everyone is doing now a days.

So I took my camera along, thinking that we were going to the G.
Then I figured out we were going to a waterfall. But you already know that.
So we took pictures at the waterfall.
Which was super pretty, by the way.
And there were these guys repelling down it. And I should have gotten a picture.
But I didn't.

 Sitting on logs is our thing. Especially if it's dangerous and falling off is a possibility.

 And to prove that we take horrible pictures, refer to this photo.

Anyway, it was super fun at the waterfall! We heard a great devotional, and it was only a 0.8 mile hike or something, so a walk in the park. Pretty great if pictures are involved!

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