Bates Bakery

Last weekend, my family had the opportunity to go to Arizona to camp with all my family for a family reunion! We had so much fun. It is quite a long drive, about 10 hours. We stopped in Cameron, Arizona, and they have a huge trading post! I got some sunglasses there, that you saw in my contacts post. They were like six bucks! What a steal.

Anyway, we got there after a long day of driving on Thursday. I was a car with my 16 year old cousin, and grandmother, and other cousin. We were listening to a book on CD. I've never done that before! It's so much fun, if the book's good. The one that we were listening took up eight whole CD's. It kind of dragged. I was glad when it was over.

My cousin and I set up our tent, and got ready to meet our Arizona family! We only see them every two years for the reunions, and so Cait, the only other cousin around our age, came! We all slept in the same tent, and we had so much fun! We played a game called Telestrations, which is like telephone, and drawing pictures put together! We played that for about an hour and a half straight before we went to sleep. We had two couples, and us three in our tent, playing by the light of the flashlights. It was so much fun. I could easily stay there for another week, if I had a shower to use. That's my only complaint. I need my showers!

Anyway, this reunion was about the family history. We talked about our great great grandfather who moved to the United States from England, and then returned as a missionary, and was tarred and feathered. We got to see the actual shirt and coat he wore when he was tarred and feathered.

Then we talked about my grandpa, who owned Bates Bakery. I never met him, since he died before I was born, but I heard so many stories about him. I learned that he was a hopeless romantic, and a huge joker. I really wish that I got to meet him. But I guess in the next life!

Anyway, my grandma and grandpa owned Bates Bakery. They had bread bags that had the logo of the bakery on it, and everyone in the family got an apron with that logo on it. So yesterday when I was baking, I put it on for a photo op. I don't want to get it all flour-y, since it's so special. But here's the photo

To be honest, I think it would be so cool if I could reopen Bates Bakery. It is my dream to be a baker when I grow up, so that would be perfect. I just wouldn't want to put the name to shame.

And Kent's even wearing one!

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