This Week

Okay, so this week has been a crazy one! In my last post, I totally forgot to talk about all the special people I got to see!

So pretty much a whole bunch of people from North Carolina came. They hold a very special place in my heart! I love them dearly and to see them is so much fun.

Let me tell you about them. The biggest picture is of me and Lindsay. We got to know each other pretty dang well before I moved out to Utah about two years ago. She has such an amazing personality and we get along super great! We used to have sleepovers and watch the Muppets and scrapbook just cause we could! It was so much fun to see her today. She got to go to church with me and spend some time with me. We got to take lots of pictures and have lots of fun doing girly things like doing each other's hair. haha

The girl with me in the upper right picture is my big sister Kelly, from this here blog. Okay, she isn't my real big sister, cause honestly, we couldn't look more different, but she acts like my big sister. We spent a lot of time together before we moved and got really close. I have missed her so much out here! I need someone to jam with while I'm in the car listening to music. I got to see her last Sunday while she was out here visiting. Of course it went by too fast, and soon it was time to say goodbye. It was hard. Again. I could only remember the time that I said goodbye to her when we pulled out of the driveway of our old house and drove off into the distance. Dramatic, I know, but I don't know when I'll see her again!

The boy with me and my brother in the lower right picture is Jack, the brother of Kelly. He's pretty much the studliest person I've ever met. I missed him so much! We got to see the new Spiderman movie with him and hit up Yogurt Bliss and have some delicious yogurt. Too soon, we had to drop him off with his brother at Zupas.

Well, that's my week full of special people that mean a lot to me.
I will miss them again!
New recipe coming this week :)

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