Sick Update

Well I went to the doctor yesterday. I was tested for the flu, strep throat, and a chest xray.
It turns out that I have pneumonia! Fun stuff right? No way.
I had a fever of 104.0 and it wasn't coming down. I was pretty much coughing with every other breath I took.
But now! I am feeling better, and my fever is at 98.9. Whew!
But I have a band concert today. And I can't go. And I was the only one playing the part. I feel really bad about it, but I guess they will have to work it out. I feel so bad!

Recently I've just been watching Say Yes to the Dress and sleeping. And eating Subway when I'm hungry.

Anyway. That's how my past 2 days have been.

Hopefully I will have a new recipe soon! When I'm better.


  1. I'm your newest GFC follower and just responded to your email about ad swaps. Love your blog!


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