Well. It's Christmas Eve. LOVE! I am so excited for Christmas. But... I never want it to come. Just the suspense is fun!
Here's some ways to get in the Christmas spirit if you just don't feel like it's the season to remember Christ and his birth.

One way for me to get in the Christmas spirit is to go see the lights at Temple Square. I went yesterday with my family and it was so fun! I love looking at the beauty that comes from the temple and from the lights. It makes one truly wonderful night!
(Oh and a little kid we saw looked up at the Moroni blowing the trumpet on the temple and said, "Hey, there's a man up there!" We all looked at each other and started cracking up :)

Another way to get in the spirit is caroling. It is so much fun to just get some friends together and start caroling to those that you love. Some people that you could carol to are: young women/young men leaders, the elderly, family friends, and so many more!

Also, my family watches It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas or Christmas Eve, because it talks about loving your life and not ever giving it up. 

Lastly, you could also watch the movie about Christ's birth and read the story in Luke. That is the ultimate reason for Christmas. Don't X Christ out of Christmas. I hope your Christmas season is one that is unforgettable and fun for all your family!

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