Sacred Sunday: Personal Progress & Special Cookies (& Blogs)

I have been surfing the blog world ever since I joined (and even before) and follow lots of food and baking blogs. They, I feel, are the most fun to follow since they tell you how to make something really yummy! Who wouldn't want to know how to do that?

While I am on the subject, I'll bring up my new favorite baking blog....i am baker. I was just searching the inter-webs and found this one! It has wonderful recipes and tutorials. I was extra excited for this. I was desperately trying to find an excuse to make these today. I really was.

Another baking blog that I like is Bake at 350. It has lots of cool cookies. You should hit it up for some awesome holiday cookie decorating ideas. I wanted to make some firework cookies today...

Now for the more spiritual side of things, today the Young Women's lesson was on our associations with others. It was very interesting to hear different experiences of leaders who moved into new wards and never put themselves out there (made the first move to get to know people) and such and how their perspective changed. I saw how when we moved into our new ward about 6 months ago, people didn't automatically start talking to us. But when they realized that we were here to stay (and we didn't bite) we got to have good friends in the ward.

After Young Women's today, I passed off Faith #1, Choice and Accountability #2, and Divine Nature #7 to my leader. It was fun to pass them off. I am closer to getting my medallion!

Well, I may or may not make cookies. Since it is fast Sunday, I am waiting to make anything for tomorrow's 4th of July party since I HAVE to try them out. :)

Have a happy 4th!

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