I try to live my life with the amount of confidence I'd have if I was Beyonce
Frank Sinatra, Boston, Amy Winehouse, Kenny Chesney, Fall Out Boy, Justin Timberlake, Ella Fitzgerald, Luke Bryan, Panic At the Disco, Tim McGraw
(my musical preferences are all over the board)
 meeting new people both freaks me out and makes me ridiculously excited
aspiring professional photographer
fashion week fanatic
college student

I started blogging when I was probably 10 or 11 years old, when I found out that you could make money from blogging. I, being the entrepreneur that I was back then (lots of lemonade stands were on my resume), started a blog the very day I read the statistics on Yahoo news. In addition to my business minded tweenage personality, I was terribly interested in Giant Pandas and had been for years. I was convinced that in my twenties I would move to China and conduct research in the Woo Long research center. (I was even writing a book from all the research I was making in my panda books) Naturally, my first blog was about giant pandas and all the fantastic and exciting things about them.
I quickly realized that blogging 1) takes a significant amount of time, and 2) pandas weren't really all that interesting to blog about.
I held off of blogging for a while, and then a few years later, when I was 13, I took up blogging again. This time around, I was focused on my life, recipes I loved, and photography.
I've had a lot of breaks in-between my blogging periods, but I think I'm back for good.
So here's to giant pandas, recipes, and living life!

My fab friend, Nalissa Hansen, created the masterpiece that is before you.