Vegas Blooms

dress: JunieBlake // shoes: DSW 

Lemme tell you about this dress. I got it as a bridesmaid for my brother's wedding and I have worn it SO MUCH since then! It is stretchy and super comfortable, modest, and so flattering. Quite frankly, when I don't know what to wear, I always wear this dress. And the compliments I get are off the charts. AND these shoes are basically my favorite spring-time purchase ever. They go with everything because they are strappy, white, and super versatile.

This past weekend my parents and I were able to go to Vegas for a concert. Whenever I think of Vegas I think of the strip, casinos, and uncleanliness, because lets face it, it's Vegas. Today, before we headed home, we stopped in a small ward to take the sacrament. And there, in the middle of the neighborhood in Las Vegas, were all these blooming bushes on the sides of the street! What a beautiful reminder to look for the beauty in all places!

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