Take Out Night

Gilmore Girls has been, and will always be, my favorite tv show.
And, if any of you are Gilmore Girls addicts like me, you know that Rory and Lorelai LOVE takeout food. The first night Rory spends at Yale, she calls her mom. Lorelai, being the super mom that she is, decides to have a huge takeout night to check out all the food around the area.

Here is the clip from Gilmore Girls:

Our takeout night wasn't nearly that large, but we had a pretty large amount of food.

Ultimately, we judged based on three critera:
1. Quality of food
2. Quickness of deliver
3. Cuteness of delivery guy.

For pizza: Brick Oven is better than Pier49
Chinese: Lotus Garden beats Chinatown
Japanese: the fact that we can get sushi delivered to our dorm is better than anything.

We were able to sample 4 pizzas, 4 chinese dishes, and 2 rolls of sushi, and it was all within our budget of $110 (everyone brought $10).
I may not be Lorelai, but planning this takeout party was a hit.

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