Shiitake Sweater and How to Use Chopsticks

I saw this sweater at H&M and I had to have it. Mostly because I am asian and love sushi, and it is so dang funny.
I just got my nails done, and I have this gold backdrop in my basement, so there was no better time to take photos for a chopstick holding photo tutorial than now!
Here's the picture tutorial for right hand, left hand, and a gif of it!

Step One: Find a solid pair of chopsticks.

Step Two: Let your hand form this position.

Step Three: Take one chopstick and place it between your index finger and thumb. This chopstick will stay still.

Step Four: Take the second chopstick and hold it between your middle finger, pointer finger, and thumb. This one will move up and down.

Step Five: Enjoy eating with your chopsticks!

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  1. just wanted u to know that "shitake has nothing to do with sushi... shitake is not sushi but on your shirt it has sushi all over it even tho shitake is a type of mushroom dumbass


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