True American

If you guys haven't seen New Girl, you are seriously missing out.
True American is a drinking game off of this show. Here's the clip:

It's funny because it looks like absolute nonsense, right?
But, there are real rules. And they are online. For everyone to use.
Check it out:
This is real, you guys.

As you can see from the video, it is part drinking, part lifesize candyland with the floor as lava. Naturally, you are trying to take out the Soldiers of the Secret Order (each can of soda if we are talking nonalcoholic version) to get to the king (the glass bottle of soda). And you do so by moving spaces, which is the furniture. You can only take a can of soda when you are in the space that allows, you cannot touch the ground, you cannot put your drink down, you cannot not have a drink in your hand, or else you have to grab another.
So, basically drinking, with a loose candyland-like structure.

Sounds fun, yeah?

Well, I played it with my cousins and had a blast, so I introduced it to my FHE group at BYU.

We reserved the activity room in our building, moved the furniture to make the game board, and laid all the drinks out. The photos look like absolute nonsense, but if you read the rules, it's actually pretty easy.
It was down to the final cans and the king was exposed, but non of us could finish all the cans in our hands and drink the bottle in the middle, but one. He chugged the first, threw up, and then drank the king and won the game!
It was a pretty intense final moment, but it was great.

We were all so hungry that we bought 24 tacos and ate them all, and then 24 more.

It's college, right?

Take Out Night

Gilmore Girls has been, and will always be, my favorite tv show.
And, if any of you are Gilmore Girls addicts like me, you know that Rory and Lorelai LOVE takeout food. The first night Rory spends at Yale, she calls her mom. Lorelai, being the super mom that she is, decides to have a huge takeout night to check out all the food around the area.

Here is the clip from Gilmore Girls:

Our takeout night wasn't nearly that large, but we had a pretty large amount of food.

Ultimately, we judged based on three critera:
1. Quality of food
2. Quickness of deliver
3. Cuteness of delivery guy.

For pizza: Brick Oven is better than Pier49
Chinese: Lotus Garden beats Chinatown
Japanese: the fact that we can get sushi delivered to our dorm is better than anything.

We were able to sample 4 pizzas, 4 chinese dishes, and 2 rolls of sushi, and it was all within our budget of $110 (everyone brought $10).
I may not be Lorelai, but planning this takeout party was a hit.

Shiitake Sweater and How to Use Chopsticks

I saw this sweater at H&M and I had to have it. Mostly because I am asian and love sushi, and it is so dang funny.
I just got my nails done, and I have this gold backdrop in my basement, so there was no better time to take photos for a chopstick holding photo tutorial than now!
Here's the picture tutorial for right hand, left hand, and a gif of it!

Step One: Find a solid pair of chopsticks.

Step Two: Let your hand form this position.

Step Three: Take one chopstick and place it between your index finger and thumb. This chopstick will stay still.

Step Four: Take the second chopstick and hold it between your middle finger, pointer finger, and thumb. This one will move up and down.

Step Five: Enjoy eating with your chopsticks!

Gingerbread Houses!

It's so fun having everyone here for the holidays. The house fills with laughter and smiles, and competition as well. Tonight was gingerbread night! We had a mixture of houses. A southern plantation home with a wrap around porch, a small cottage with an outhouse, stream, and Christmas tree, an antarctic vacation home, a home with a pile of firewood and ice skating rink, and star wars vehicles! What a night!

New Years!

This year Liz and I decided to go to a new years party at UVU. I thought a lot of people were going to be there, but oh boy, there were SO MANY. The line to get in was atrocious, even when we came at 11:00. We finally got inside and decided to walk around and check things out. There was an enormous bounce house and rock wall in the main area, and also a huge dance going on there. The music was loud but exciting! We heard that there was also country dancing going on upstairs, so we left the main dance floor to check it out. There were a few couples dancing, and 5-7 people watching them on the sidelines. We both really like country music, but decided to leave since we didn't have anyone to dance with.
We spent the next half hour on the dance floor, jumping and dancing until the new year. Everyone was so close to everyone else, and bumping into each other, and nailing other people with their various integers. The balloon drop was really spectacular, but there were so many people that I felt like I shared the new year with no one. Liz and I kept getting lost in the crowds.
After midnight, Liz and I went back to the country dancing room upstairs, where we found one couple dancing really well to the music. We started dancing and singing to the music and had an absolute blast. People came and went and watched us and looked at us funny, but we didn't care! It was the most liberating feeling. What really mattered was what we thought of ourselves and if we were having fun, not what people thought of us.
Having my brother and his wife home, and my brother's girlfriend here, I've felt like an awkward fifth wheel. To be honest, I've really wanted a guy, just so I'm not the only one without someone. But, my brother's girlfriend told me that it's when you're alone and not in a relationship that you learn the most about yourself. And dancing with Liz by ourselves to country music on new years eve with people watching us made me realize that I don't need anyone to be happy. And I realized that I can be happy interpretive dancing and singing at the top of my lungs to music I love. And, if I had a guy there with me, I would've never thought to do that.

So basically, my new years resolution is to LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANT, LOVE WHAT I'M DOING, and FIND OUT WHO I AM.