St. George BOA Road Trip!

The St. George trip is basically the climax of the marching band season every year. It is the only time (other than band camp in Delta) where we travel and sleep somewhere together as a band. As recent graduates, my friends and I decided to support the band and relive some of our high school memories by going down to St. George. And we made this decision two days before we left, and managed to get all the hotel and driving accommodations down within 24 hours.

 We got a two hotel rooms that were joined together by a door which was SO fun. After dropping all of our luggage off, the next stop was the state competition! The band performed super well and they swept the competition. It was so impressive. AH all I could do was reminisce about performing together as a band and creating something beautiful for the audience.

The next day, we watched the band warm up for prelims and planned on just watching finals (cause lets be real, it is a fortune for tickets to BOA competitions) when our old band director came up to us. He asked if we had already bought tickets, and when he found out that we hadn't yet, he gave us free tickets to both prelims and finals! What a blessing! 

They won and swept the region competition which was totally amazing. They deserved wining more than anything. And it was great to see Mr. Miller's last marching band show and experience that with him. I admire and look up to that man so much! He has taught me so much about life, teamwork, leadership, and everything in the five years that I have known him. What an amazing man!

We left the competition and started the long ride home. After taking a nap at a rest stop (which I don't recommend because apparently lots of people get murdered at rest stops) we made it home at 7:00am. I love my friends and our adventures! What a life!

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