Temple Square Lights and the Fam

My brother's awesome girlfriend is staying with us for a week and so I am officially the fifth wheel. Which, means pictures for the parents and the bro with his girl. As long as they pose for me, I'll be happy being the odd one out.

New Years Eve Party Decor

This idea for a new years photoshoot came to me in the shower, and I decided to make it happen instead of think about it all day. What was stopping me? It's Christmas break and my two best friends are home from school, and so we decided to make my vision come to fruition.
After browsing Zurchers party store for quite a while, we settled on three gold fringe door hangings, six new years balloons, new years head bands, noise makers, and thousands of gold stars (which are still stuck in my carpet as I type this).
It didn't take even a roll of tape to put this backdrop up. And wow! I think each package of door hangers were $7, which was a total steal, and it looked awesome! In all, the decorations totaled $32, and took about ten minutes to put up. So, if you're in need of some last minute new years party decorations, just know that you can do this!
I love gold and I love sparkles. Which is good because I think I'll be finding gold sparkly stars for the next five years in the carpet, but I'll do anything for a cool picture. Happy (almost) new year!

snowy christmas tree lot and my favorite hat

 hat: Kohls // scarf: gifted // shirt: Banana Republic similar// coat: Target // jeans: WalMart // boots: Shoe Carnival

 This hat is the best purchase I've made in a while! It has fur on the outside, as well as the quilted yarn on the outside and cute pom on top. I love it! My friend Kara and I were out shooting some pictures in this cute Christmas tree lot while it was snowing, so if you want to check those pictures out, click here!

Shoveling Snow and Service

This post is dedicated to the time we planned a snow shoveling service project while it was snowing and none of the snow stuck so there was no snow to shovel and we instead ate donuts and laughed and shoveled ice off of driveways.

Finals, Day One

Monday, the first day of dreaded finals week.
I think it was after my fifth try on a finance question when my roommates said we were going outside and playing in the snow. I hadn't noticed how beautifully the snow was dancing around the streetlights. I let myself be dragged outside.
My roommate, Amelia, is an avid skier, so she shouted, "SHOULD I GET MY SKIS OUT?" and we shouted a resounding YES. She ran inside, later returning with skis in her hand and boots on her feet. We all laughed as she skied down the hill next to our building and eventually ran into a bush and fell over. There were people all over the hill with sleds laughing and having fun.
Happy things happen when you least expect it.
I'm grateful for friends who help me realize that.

ma girls

The friday before finals week we did facials and watched a sad chick flick. Bonding moments.