she's 18, errybody

Indianapolis, Indiana 
november 2013

the first photoshoot we ever did
Utah Lake, Utah
april 2014

 my first tattoo
The Band Room
june 2014

The Grass By Allstate on State Street
june 2014

 photoshoot at Tibble Fork, where we sang along to music and picked sunflowers
Tibble Fork, American Fork Canyon
july 2014

The Band Room, Deer Creek
september 2014

after winning state and region
St. George, Utah
november 2014

American Fork, Utah
november 2014

New York City
november 2014

Provo, Utah
february 2015

Salt Lake City, Utah
march 2015
 taking my senior pictures and her modeling again
The Dumpster Behind Fresh Market
may 2015

watching pete in theater, and sleepovers
Orem, My Deck
august 2015

Pioche, Nevada
august 2015
The Side of the Road, Calliente, Nevada
august 2015

Pioche, Nevada
august 2015

GUYS it's Kara's 18th birthday today! And what would a birthday be without a little shoutout?
Now, Kara and I have only known each other for two and a half years and I never would have thought that we would become so close!

When I found out that Kara was going to be a rookie in the trumpet section I was leading, I wanted to know as much about her as I could. I heard that she was a freakin awesome trumpet player and was just going to rock our world (which she is, and does) and that she was going to just slay in our band program. Well, if you heard this about a rookie coming into marching band, you'd want to know more about her too!

I ended up stalking her on every social media account of her that I could find (which is only facebook and instagram, but you get the gist) and I found out that not only is she a really talented trumpet player, but she also did rodeos. I thought to myself, wow this gal really has something going for her!
When I first met her I was kind of nervous because I had only been playing trumpet for 3 years and she had been playing for 5 and I knew I was waaaaaay under-qualified. But come to find out, she is the nicest human on the planet and makes you feel like you are 100% capable of anything.

I don't really know how or why we became close, but we started hanging out more and more and all of a sudden, she was my go-to model for any photo adventure that I wanted to go on. Seriously though, she's so pretty she could be a model.

Anyway, now we are practically the same person.

We say 'woof' and 'I'm over it' and pretty much any other funny saying that the other one makes up. Which can get really annoying and we realize that, but we're over it.

I texted her one day a picture of the blossoming trees at the capitol, and we drove up that same day to take pictures. Same with the carnival. And the flowers on state street. And tibble fork. And finally, she told me she wanted senior pictures in her favorite town of Pioche, Nevada, and so we drove for five hours and stayed for three days and took pictures, hiked, climbed, and played cards with her grandparents.

We sat front row at the bridal show at Provo Fashion Week and met a whole bunch of bloggers.

Sleepovers on my deck happen so often we can't count. Don't ask why we sleep on my deck. I don't think we even know.

Halo nights are a regular occurrence.

We can jam to any music. Oldies, country, MoTab, you name it. Heck, we listened to the same 30 songs for three days straight, and only got super frustrated on the last day.

The spiritual conversations we have blow my mind and make me appreciate her so much more.

It's safe to say that Kara is awesome and I love her a freaking load.

She has changed my life for the better, and I love love love love love her.

Here's to another year of Kara!

And be sure to wish her a happy 18th birthday!

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