inspiration from a class that I didn't know I could be inspired from

In my Effective Learning and Study Skills class (which I thought was going to be a piece of cake...kind of like a bring-your-own-homework-and-study kind of class that I only took to fulfill a  credit requirement for my scholarship - it totally isn't) we had an amazing amazing amazing speaker. Did I mention that he was amazing? Even if this is the only productive thing we do all semester, it was worth it.
If you haven't heard of Bob Kittell, you need to check him out. Motivational speaker, memory expert, speaking extraordinaire.

Some of the things I learned:

"start making it fun wherever you are"

"your habits now will be your habits for the rest of your life"

find a mentor

"you become what you think about with your time"

"so what if they say no? go back again like it's the first time"

persistence, persistence, persistence

go for it

don't take no for an answer

set goals and review them on a regular basis

 "if you go toward your goal, you will find so many more opportunities than you would have without goal setting"

"successful people are persistent, and they fail"

"if you fail, fantastic"

if you work hard, things will happen

go a whole week without complaining

"what you get by reaching your goal isn't nearly as important as who you become by going after it"

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