the Lord knows me

I feel closest to my ojiichan when I'm in the temple.
Maybe it's because doing work for people on the other side of the veil brings a different spirit into my life.
Or maybe it's because the Lord knows my every need.
It just so happens (not really because I don't believe in coincidences), Wednesday mornings at 6:30 when my cousin Tanner and I go to the temple, there is a worker there who knew my ojiichan.
He recognized the name Taguchi from my cousin's last name, and asked if we knew of a Mitch Taguchi. 
Tanner and I looked at each other and excitedly told him that he was our grandfather.
The man then said how he had worked in a factory with jiichan and that he was one of the hardest workers he knew.
Oh man, how I love how the temple brings people together. 
People who are on this side of the veil, and the other as well.

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  1. That story is so cool and temples are so cool and you're so cool.


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