Oh my word.
Country concerts.
So good.
So, so good.
And Brad.
Oh my word, Brad.
He was just SO good.
Mickey Guyton was one of the opening acts and she blew me away. Her voice was so powerful, and she sang her hit song Better Than You Left Me and man oh man it was great. I hope she can get really big in the music industry because she is so unbelievably talented.
Justin Moore was next, and his accent just melted my heart. I decided right then and there that I need to marry someone with a country accent because it is just..ah. And he can sing. Boy, can he sing!
And then, Brad.
He came on stage and I died. His voice was so pure and perfect; just like his albums. For his song Country Nation, he put on a jersey that was half BYU and half Utah, and the clips on the screen were of BYU and Utah football. It just added to the whole experience!
And for the song Remind Me, Carrie Underwood came on the screen that made it look like a facetime conversation and sang. Those two together were crazy good!
I only knew half the songs, but the ones I knew I love love love. And he sang all of them and I pretty much died.
So worth it.

Going with Kelly made me miss the south a freaking lot. She was my older brother's ex girlfriend when we lived in North Carolina, but I think somehow we were really close even after they broke up...? Anyway, my fondest memory of her was driving around and listening to her many CDs that she kept in a binder because her radio didn't work. She is the one who started my CD collection and my overall love for CDs in general. And going with her alone made me miss the south already, but add the fact that it was a country concert and my heart ached for Cheerwine and true country radio and the south.
I'm so glad we could catch up and have a fun time together. It also helped that Brad Paisley was just UNREAL. Ah

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