band camp

When you'd thought you've seen the last of us, we just keep coming back.
The seniors from band who just graduated have a tradition of coming to the last day of band camp to see the progress that the next year's band is making. Steve called me when I was working on Wednesday and had the idea of leaving that night to go to Delta, instead of driving up that next morning like the rest of the seniors. Alex and I were both gung-ho, so at 11:00 that night we made a Macey's run for carrots, peanut butter bars, and bananas, (the bare necessities) and then we were off!
I texted Kara's mom to let her know that we were headed down, and so when we arrived, all the band moms were ready for us. And, that night there was a meteor shower! So at 12:30 we showed up at the power plant and headed out to the field to watch. We were able to climb on top of the scaffolding to watch all the shooting stars. It was beautiful!
We were just planning on sleeping in Steevo's van, but the band moms insisted that we sleep inside on the couches in the rec room. I called my brother Pete because he was staffing at the camp and woke him up (oops) and he hung out and talked to us for a while. Then we slept on the couches! It was so weird...usually we were sleeping on the ground in the gym and the cafeteria and now we actually had cushions to sleep on.
Everyone woke up and did double takes when they saw us. It was exciting. None of the other senior were there yet so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We watched them rehearse, helped clean stuff up with the band moms, and just enjoyed the fact that we can drink water whenever we want and we didn't have to be out in the heat sweating.
But even then I missed band camp. The camaraderie that is formed in the band when you endure something as hellish as camp is really indescribable. 

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